Realizing that it’s the Month of March

Oh, look at that! It’s already March. Which means it’s spring soon. And if you’re from Colorado, that means second Winter is almost here, too! Don’t worry though, it only lasts like a week.

Also, that means the spring show is coming. If there’s tickets still I might post a link or something. Maybe.

Um, I guess that also means I’ll be hearing from colleges (I hope). And then I’ll have to make decisions…

Anyways, the Oscars were fun to watch last night. Much movie. Very cinema. Also Ellen.

Oh, here’s a thing! According to Buzzfeed (this time, a link sent to me by Brielle), I am Hamlet! (Ironically, so is she. As long as she’s not Ophelia… I think?) Figure out which Shakespeare character you are!

Oh, this video:

Is it real? Is it not real? Here’s a hint: it’s not not not real. If that helps, at all.


Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Summer, which serves as a benchmark, a break, a time to read, a suitable time for me to do things that are nice, and also an excuse for wearing sunglasses. So, thank you, Summer. I hope to see you soon!



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