On Feeling the Need to Do Something

Very often, when I am alone with myself, and don’t need to necessarily get anything done immediately (which is to say that I have free time, or at least feigned free time), I feel the need to do something with myself.

I usually don’t know what it is though. Maybe it’s talking to someone, or reading something worthwhile, or making music, or going for a walk, or going to the store to buy something I want/need, or simply finding a way to pass time until I have something else to do.

Well, tonight I find myself in that situation. I want to do something not related to academics/homework/theatre/college, and I also find myself at my parents’ house.  Those two things never really go together well, for whatever reason. And I’m frankly tired of wasting my mind on Facebook. I want to talk to someone. But everyone’s busy/tired/otherwise-occupied at the moment.

So, I feel compelled to read. I like reading. But I left my “library” of books at the house, and so I don’t have any new reads (or really, any old reads) for the weekend.

So, I might make music! But my external hard drive which houses all of the music I own was also left at the house. I usually don’t forget it, but this time I did. So, I might play on my guitar, except the only thing I think to play are tunes from Jazz band, and I want to avoid school stuff for at least the rest of the night.

So, can I go for a walk? Not without waking my parents…

Also, my parents live on a farm, so definitely no store I can pick anything I need up from…

So, what do I do? I guess I’ll just work on scholarship stuff. And lines for theatre. And then tomorrow? Homework.

So today I share my gratitude for all of the teachers who were kind enough not to give me homework for over the weekend. Thank you guys, for at least making this whole “three months left” thing at least a little easier. Still, there much to be done before I can be… well, done.



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