So, before anything else, this video was shared on the Select Choir Facebook group by our teacher, and then again (beforehand,but I didn’t see it until after) by my friend Jack. So, please watch it. It’s really powerful.

These guys are the Pentatonix, who are an a capella group (besides the cello in this song, haha). Check them out.

So today has been day in which I have worked almost non-stop on scholarships, and similar pursuits. My breaks (which I have seriously need, for my own productivity/sanity) have been populated by streams of social media and YouTube, guitar playing, and food. Oh, yeah, today was a teacher in service day, I didn’t have theatre rehearsal for once, and I originally was supposed to go Ice Skating. But, at least with the Ice Skating, it got cancelled today due to High temperatures, ad the risk of melting ice. Which, is important to note, because we were gonna Ice Skate at a frozen lake up in the mountains.

But, instead, scholarships. Yay for productivity!…

So, today’s Daily Gratitude is for the sudden;y rising temperatures, because sadly, without you, I wouldn’t have really gotten as much done today as I did. And that, I realize, is pretty noble.

Okay, peace!…


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