I don’t really Know

What is to Know? What is Knowing (besides a movie about Nicholas Cage being really good at math)? What is?

Can we all just get along? I don’t take myself seriously. I think I’m supposed to say that I don’t take myself too seriously, which I don’t, but I just think I don’t take myself seriously at all. Except for the flashes of taking myself seriously, which I do get every once in a while.

What is this whole thing about, anyway? This WHOLE things. Everything. Ever. What is it about? WHAT IS IT ABOUT?

I still don’t know what avant garde means… I kinda wish I did. Comment if you do.

Okay. So, I need to transition from Hamlet-esque, “is he crazy, or is he just acting crazy?”

Daily Gratitude. I got this.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for people who think that Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” is a weird song. Because it is.



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