Good Reads on a Friday Night

So, I’m back at my parent’s house! It’s been two weeks, which is… enough… time. So yeah, there’s that.

Today was a sort of boring day, with me falling asleep a lot, and then being very tired. The lesson to learn here, kids, is that sleep is not only important, but vital, to passing classes, having friends, and pretending to be okay with yourself.

But if you say during choir that you “hate [your] life”, even if only (hopefully, obviously) kidding, people will feel bad. So don’t do that… often.


So, with coming home, there is also the copies of Time Magazine which I get to finally read, because Brielle got me a subscription for Christmas, and they are delivered to my parent’s house. So, good reads.

This latest issue has articles on Frozen (the ridiculously good Disney movie), 6-year High Schools, the Mexican government, and something about how friendships are ruining relationships (or something…). Honestly, it’s such a good issue, and it makes me happy. Although, almost every issue of Time seems to be a good issue.

I miss reading for fun as much as I used to. I guess I need to start reading for fun again!

But first, I need to work on lines for the show for theatre, and then another show I’m doing, and also my reading assignment for AP Literature. Yay, academic reading…

But it’s fun. Reading is fun.

Which is why Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Authors/Poets/Journalists/Columnists/Critics/Writers. I read because I write, and I write because I read. And then there’s reading for reading’s sake, and writing for writing’s sake. But there is something else. A communication of thought, emotion, idea… something deeper that why ascribe to the word that makes it worth writing, and in turn, worth reading. If it were not for all of the great writers who I’ve gotten to read over the years, I don’t think I would’ve ever started “writing.” So, thank you.



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