Today I got the awesome chance to go see Hamlet at the DCPA.

It’s such an awesome show! I read Hamlet for AP Literature last semester, and finally getting to see it all acted out in front of me… it was awesome. I got the opportunity to see this great show because of Mr. Dawkins, who is such a big supporter of the blog. I’m so glad I got to enjoy the show! Thank you so much, Mr. Dawkins!

The show is probably one of the best performances of any show that I’ve ever been to. The cast did a phenomenal job, and all of the production was well put together. It’s just so… awesome!

Well, anyways…

Today’s Daily Gratitude, though, is for my friend Megan, who bought me food today after school, and is the reason I got to eat anything before dinner, today. Thank you so much, friend person!



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