Dazzle, and Why I didn’t post last night

So, last night was the Jazz Ensemble’s second annual gig at the Dazzle Jazz club, in downtown Denver. It was absolutely phenomenal to play there again.

Really, it was awesome.

But it was a Monday…
And a school night…
And still a very late show…
And homework still exists for a second semester senior.

So, I ended up staying up late to do math homework instead of posting. I didn’t want to, but I ended up having to. But it’s okay, these things happen.

Dazzle was so fun, and I’m so glad that Brielle (and her grandma, who she and everyone else affectionately refers to as “Nana”) was (were) able to make it.

I got to play bass on a bunch of songs, took a few solos, and then played with the other group, a professional big band jazz ensemble known as the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra. We joined them for their last song, on which I played the frog.

Yes, I know.

The frog.


It is literally a wooden frog with a stick which you play by sliding the stick along the spines on its back (from tail to head). It’s pretty awesome.

And as you can imagine, a fun solo to hear. Or boring.

I tried to make it fun, though…

Anyways, it was such an awesome show, and such an incredible opportunity.

Which means that today’s Daily Gratitude is for the MJO, and for Dazzle Jazz, and all of the awesome people who made it possible. Thank you all so much for playing with us, and coming out to listen, and for supporting us. It was such a blast, and such an incredible opportunity… just, thank you all so much!!

Alright, I need to finish some homework. Peace!…


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