The Losing Horse, and Being Okay

So, while my Superbowl prediction was perfect (seriously, I pegged it way back before the play-offs, although there’s basically no proof…), my preferred team didn’t win. Which is okay. They didn’t play well today. They’ didn’t deserve to win. They didn’t want it enough, and it showed in the playing.

They’re still a good team, who had a pretty good season. And one hell of a team did win the title of Superbowl Champs this year.

No, I didn’t lose a bet. I mean it. The Seahawks are a great team. They played well, and they won. That’s it.

But, the Broncos did score one touchdown. One tocuhdown. Thrown from the hands of Peyton Manning, to his wide-receiver. This wide receiver is a man I got to know very recently. This man signed a football, which sits in a glass-box, right next to me, with a tiny photo inside, of myself in a suit, standing next to a towering, strong man in a Colorado Rockies hat and a golf uniform, comprised of a black polo tucked in, and blue and white plaid shorts. Both of us are smiling.

This man congratulated me. On sharing my story. The story of where I come from, and why I am the way I am. Of why I am where I am. And he thanked me, for sharing it. A lot of people thanked me, and told me they were proud of me, and that they were inspired by me, but he was different. He, I knew, didn’t really know anything about me. He was a football player, asked to be here by this non-profit organization as it’s sort of, “guest of honor,” for it’s golf tournament, and auction. But he heard my story. When he thanked me, it felt maybe like he understood why he was here. Or maybe that there was more of a point to it. He felt the realness of why that event mattered, as more than just another night of the wealthy flaunting their wealth. Like the wealthy, out of true generosity, or just a need to feel like they did something (or possibly show they did), were actually helping people. And impacting actual lives. He felt like in his being there, he was helping me in ways he wouldn’t ever understand. And he was thankful for being able to help, in such a pure way.

So, when my mentor Janet texted me:
“So that was Demaryius Thomas who caught the only touchdown pass during the game [referring to the Broncos in the Superbowl game] while being tackled!… A GOOD PERSON AND PLAYER!” *, I couldn’t help but be happy. I mean I’d seen the pass, the number, the player, and heard the commentators. But the reminder was always nice. More than anything, I had thought of that signed ball, in that frame, with that photo. That, which I got for Christmas from my mentor.

My Daily Gratitude is for Demaryius Thomas. Thank you for making sure the game wasn’t a total blowout. Also, thank you for helping me be able to be where I am at. For the impact which you, and many other, have had on my life, I am eternally grateful. Also, thank you Janet, for everything.

I think that’s it. Peace!…

*The omission in the text I got from my mentor includes a certain part about Thomas’ mother and grandmother both being incarcerated for crack. Demaryius also came from a rough background. And now he’s done something very few individuals can say they have done: caught a touchdown at the Superbowl.


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