Why Thank You Notes are the Best

So, today there was an awesome retreat that went on at school, for all of the Freshman. Because I was asked by one of my friends to come by, and talk to his group, and hang out, I did. It was awesome. They were all such cool guys, and talking to them about my story was really fantastic.

My favorite  part though, was helping them with the thank you letters to the other fabulous people that came by to talk to them. I was really happy when I got thank you notes from all of them. But then I read them, maybe twenty minutes ago, and I started crying.

I never thought that my story would touch the hearts of these guys nearly as much as it had. They were moved by what I had to say, and it was so informal, and hardly-rehearsed that I didn’t think it would really sink in until possibly later in High School for them. But they really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed my time with them. It was truly incredible, and then later getting to see their reaction… it moved me. I am thankful for them.

I guess the old adage about teaching is true, it really is the teacher whom learns most from the student.

So, tonight’s Daily Gratitude is for those boys. Thank you, for allowing me to reach you. And thank you, more than anything, for touching my heart the way you have. Thank you, so very much.



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