Lovely, Lovely Love (and Loving)

I don’t know how to describe anything I feel right now besides love. And I don’t mean simply romantic love, or the kind of love that someone feels for their “significant other.” Because right now, in this moment, it’s not just about that. It’s about love for family, friends, teachers, acquaintances, strangers, and people (I) don’t even necessarily like. It’s love, for everybody, for everything, because everything fits. Everything makes sense, finally.

So, I went to Mass today (Catholic mass, because I’m Catholic, and stuff), and I had a pretty cool revelation about why my life has kind of happened the way it has. I finally understand (I think, at least part of the reason for) why I am where I am, why I’ve had the opportunities I’ve had, why I’ve met the people I’ve met, and why I am the way I am.

Everything comes back to love, essentially. I’ve been challenged with certain relationships, whether they be with people I love, but often don’t see, or people I see often, but don’t necessarily like. But that’s just scratching the surface. Even the times I’ve failed, I’ve failed because it was essential to learn from that failure. Without it, my character development would’ve stopped, or at least the growing I did from that failure wouldn’t have happened.

So far, in life, everything seems to be pointing in the direction that all of the things that have happened to me are for a reason, and this insight was also for a reason. I feel like the purpose of me figuring this all out was so that I could better understand where I’m going. That’s the thing that’s been bugging me the most.

And so this insight, as small as it may seem, was actually very big, very… meaningful to me. It feels like a reminder to live intentionally, with everything I do.

Now, small Catholic/Christian thing, I believe this to be a sign from God, but I tried to keep that out of this, because even if you don’t believe that that’s what this was (yet, I do believe that’s what this was), I still want the insight to be noted as completely true, and valid. At least to me.

And so today’s Daily Gratitude is for Father Felix, who gave the Catholic Mass and Homily who inspired this. Thank you.


P.S. Snoball was such a blast. I might post photos? (Or a photo?) Who knows. Anyways, it was worth the patience of the day leading up to it. Most definitely.


One thought on “Lovely, Lovely Love (and Loving)

  1. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is not obvious right away. Most times, looking back at the past is when that reason reveals itself to us. Godspeed!

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