Notes of a life Leading Up to a Night of the Big Dance

These are a collection of notes, ideas, thoughts, of snippets of life from the day leading up to Snoball.

These are pretty random, so be warned. But before that, I want to do my Daily Gratitude.


Thank you to my friend Tim, who I don’t know reads this blog, but you’re a cool cat, and I’m your understudy in the theatre production, and I’d honestly not want to be an understudy for anyone else. You’re supremely talented, and I know this will be a blast. Thanks.

Okay, here are those notes.

-Youtube is always a fun place to be. Unless the videos are terrible. Which they sometimes are. But I like youtube.

-Moulin Rouge is such a strange, yet good movie.

-Buzzfeed always finds a way to save me from absolute boredom.

-Although I feel like I never get to see Brielle, nothing makes me happier than knowing that I will get to see her. I can be very impatient sometimes, but if I know that I get to see her, then I extremely patient.

-I know that she’s gonna look incredible tonight, but at the same time, I know that doesn’t matter. She always looks perfect, regardless of the situation.

-Those last two notes are very “Jorge-being-a-love-bird”-y, so to make up for that, this song that I get to play in Jazz:

-McDonalds Chicken Nuggets might be kind of wrong, but when you’re hungry, and McDonald’s is free, they are the bomb.

-I need to know how to smile before Bri gets here. So, here is a youtube video on the subject:

Very, very useful.

-I have shoes. Dress shoes. They are black. I need to shine my black dress shoes. Because they are dirty. Oh…

-I still need to pick a senior quote. And figure out what activities I did in High School.

-Also, I intend to study this, and figure out how to make a $5 mini guitar amp out of an Altoid’s tin.

-Brielle looks great. Possibly photos to come? But really, who knows.

-Okay, bye.



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