Senior Quotes

So, apparently I need to submit my Senior quote be February 2nd. And I don’t have a good idea for one.

Ahh, this is killing me. I need to think long and hard about this one.

Um, also, Snoball is tomorrow. So, I’ll try to write my post early, but I apologize ahead of time if there is a lack of one tomorrow.

Literally, I don’t even know what else to blog about. I guess I’m at David’s house again. So, that’s fun.

Um, now for the Daily Gratitude.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my friend Kate (not the regular one, this one is Kate D.). So, Kate D. today did the coolest thing, which was take an old t-shirt of mine, completely wrap it in duct tape, while I was wearing it, compressing my lung capacity and chest for a few minutes. She then cut me out of it, and now I get to have a suit of armor, for the play, made out of my chest frame. Also, I might get to grow a beard. But anyway…

I get armor now. Thank you, Kate.



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