Raining Balls of Snow

So, yesterday, through the flurry of constant busy-ness that is my life, Brielle asked me to Snoball, the annual dance in which the girls of the school get to ask the boys. If I didn’t know she was going to ask me, I would’ve been surprised by how…well, close to deadline she asked me: the dance is on Saturday. BUT, I did know she was asking me, and I’m so excited, and just plain joyful that I get to spend Saturday with this awesome girl whom I get to call my…girlfriend! šŸ™‚

Other news for today… Well, today school was delayed by two hours, because it snowed, and I really don’t think anybody was expecting it. I mean, no one was really expecting the delay. But it happened, and Jorge got to sleep in. Which is always oh, so nice.

Anyways, Daily Gratitude…
Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the theatre program, which started up for its second production, recently. I finally get to be a part of theatre, from the perspective of the stage itself. Although I am only an understudy, I do get to play the part in one of the shows, along with the other understudies. So, that is fun. Thank you, all, and our director, for giving me this opportunity. Hopefully it’s a good one.



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