Things From Across the Internet

So, I have many things to share with you, which I’ve found from across the internet.

….Okay, so mostly buzzfeed. But hey, isn’t that good enough?

Anyways, here are links, first.

To begin,  19 Reasons Naps Are Awesome.

Then, 11 Comics For Introverts.

Now, videos!

Stuff About Cops…

New Laws

10 Alarmingly True Facts

Unnecessarily (But Hilariously) Censored “Frozen”

4 Pranks You Could Pull Right Now

And, One that I apparently can relate to, things about Interracial couples.

Honestly though, besides a slight language barrier between Brielle and my parents, I’m not really worried about much.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for whoever did this:
It’s because of this type of stuff that I am reminded of the goodness in the world. Thank you, kind stranger, for being a great human being, and reminding us what it means to act unselfishly.



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