Back to School…

So, after two weeks of break, and another two weeks of service projects, I guess that I have school again tomorrow. (I didn’t have school today because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.)

I guess that after a month off from school, this is my last return to High School. This is the beginning of the last semester of my High School career. It’s also bound to be my busiest, and most stressful semester. (On the brightside, it also looks to be one of the easiest semesters I’ve had coursework/academic wise in the last two years, although easy is relative.)

I’m honestly frightened. And nervous. And anxious. And excited. And I don’t know how to greet this last hello, before the next good-bye.

It’s just… perplexing, somewhat.


Jokes, from Hank Green:

My Daily Gratitude is for Martin Luther King Jr. For making life as a minority easier for future generations. Also, for giving schools a reason to give students a day off from classes.



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