In Which Jorge Explains His Excitement for Sporting Contests

So, as you may have noticed today, both the Denver Broncos, and the Seattle Seahawks won their respective games (against the New England Patriots, and the San Francisco 49ers (respectivley)).

GUYS. WISHES WORK. And now, the Superbowl I was hoping for is coming true!! This is honestly so exciting.

My only real bias is for the Broncos to win. And really, that’s only because I want a parade in Denver, when they win. And I want to be in that parade. That rally/parade. That sounds like such a blast!

Also, the Broncos so far have a better record for good sportsmanship…

BTW, that was the on air, post-game interview with Richard Sherman, a Seahawks player. I saw it live. And was honestly disgusted.

But. Anyways. Both good teams. I’m sure it’s gonna be a good game.

Why is this so football-y? Well, apparently I’m a guy. Who chooses to indulge in American Football every once in a while. So?

Also, Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto, and the entire soundtrack to 500 Days of Summer are both great albums. Arcade Fire’s new album is brilliant, and I just love the Lumineers. I listened to all four albums for the first time today. So, that’s a thing.

Now I have a bunch of Portugal the Man. to listen to. That’s gonna be fun!

Anyways, my daily gratitude is for the magical entity that made my Superbowl hopes a reality. Thank you. (For me, that’s God, and it’s not so much magical, but if that’s not your deal, I dig it. But still…).



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