Post from a phone

So, again, I find myself posting a blog from my phone. Isn’t that funny. I hate having to do so, but I end up having to do so often enough…

So, a lot of things “happened” today. It was the last day of service projects. I went to my parents house for the long weekend (MLK Jr., baby).

It’s just been a lot, but it hasn’t necessarily felt like a lot? But it also has. It’s a weird feeling.

Anyways, I don’t know. Phone posts.

My daily gratitude today is for my father. I am a man because of him. Although I don’t always feel like it. But I know that being a man doesn’t mean being tough all of the time. It does mean, however, that you should always try to be honest, true to your word, hard working, smart, and determined. Being a man means doing what you have to for your family, because family is love personified. And lastly, being a man means that there’s always a way to better yourself, something new to learn, and something greater to strive for. Thank you, Dad.



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