What is in a Day?

Is it possible for a day to not really feel like a day? I mean, I think of today, and all that happened today, and it really has only felt like the last few hours have made up “today,” and therefore today was very short and uneventful. But that’s a lie. Today was actually pretty long. And very eventful.

I know because this morning I drove around a lot, to Starbucks, and then to the school to surprise Brielle with that (I got her her favorite drink. Be jealous.Be very jealous…). Then I did service. And the McDonald’s for lunch with Andrew (who is also at my service site). And then back to the school, and then I walked home. So I did a lot.

Also, ME got me a laptop battery, but it might not be working properly, so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully something gets figured out. But if not, I’m where I was before. Which is still not bad… But having a laptop I could possibly take with me to places would be nice…

So today’s Daily Gratitude is for ME (again). Why? Because only she would try to get me a laptop battery, and still care to see if it works or not. I’ll leave my computer charging all night, so we’ll see if it charges. But the Daily Gratitude is also for Brielle, for being awesome, and being all surprised and stuff by the Starbucks, and being absolutely lovely about it. And it’s also for Andrew, for buying lunch today, and being a friend, and giving me a ride back to the area in which I live. Which is honestly such a cool thing. Thank you, all of you guys. And everyone, really. This Daily Gratitude is for all of the people that make my life okay. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m living a good life. But it’s okay because of you people. Thank you.



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