Awesome performances and such

So, I’m so tired. Continental League really was an all day thing. I was also dumb enough to not eat breakfast, or I guess lunch before going.  But I went to this cool place called Backstage Coffee to get some tea and a brownie, for really good pricing, and it was sooooooo good! I truly enjoyed it.

The whole thing I enjoyed. I got to eat at Pizza Republica with all of the singers and instrumentalists from my school, and that was delicious. Then we had our performance, which went wonderfully. I’m just so, so happy. I also ran into a girl who went to Kenyon with me this summer, so that was fun.

So, these are 3 of the 4 songs we sang as an individual choir.

Handel stuff…

A traditionally German song…

and then a cool song based off a poem…

and there was a spiritual we did, but I can’t find a version of it. So, I’m sorry.

We then did America the Beautiful, combined with the band and orchestra.

The Daily Gratitude is for our guest conductor, Dr. Gentry, who conducted the choir. He is just a totally awesome guy. Also, he was feeling awful before the performance, but still pulled it together to conduct for us during the performance. He’s such a cool, funny, interesting guy.



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