Wounded Knee

So, I had practice today, for the choir. And such. It’s the like, regional choir, and it’s cool. Actually, we got divided up into our sections, and I was with all the basses, and the choir director for my school was actually leading us, and that was so, so cool!

It was fun, except for when I tried to jump onto the stage for the auditorium where we were on, and I sort of didn’t make it, and ended up skinning part of my knee. It stop bleeding, and now it only kinda hurts. But it wasn’t fun, and taking the band-aid off wasn’t fun either.

Long story short, think, and try to avoid doing stupid things, whenever possible.

Okay, so, service projects were fun today, although I didn’t stay as long today in order to go to the choir thing. But I still got a lot done!

Anywho, here’s some cool life hacks stuff:

I’m tired. Sleep, soon…

Okay, so, today’s Daily Gratitude is for Vicky, one of the people who works here at the house (for the program), and does all sorts of office work for us. She does a lot that doesn’t always get seen by us guys in the program but I know that this place wouldn’t be running quite like it is without her. Also, she is always someone willing (and wanting) to listen to me when I need to complain, or just talk. Anytime I have a question or an issue, she is one of the most thoughtful, helpful people I have ever known. She also wants whats best for a lot us. Every time I talk to her she has some idea, or thought, or solution to something I was talking about. She is such an awesome human being, and I am so grateful to be able to know her. Thank you Vicky!



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