Stand Up and Headaches

I want to be a comedian. Or at least have a Stand-Up special on TV. I’m not naturally funny, but I am when I am a parody of the world in which I live, which ultimately makes me a semi-parody of myself. What is life?

Also, I have a headache.

I hate feeling sick, but it might be due to my seemingly constant exposure to dust at my service site. Umm, so that’s my only complaint thus far. I actually really like it. A lot.

Also, my roommate is asleep, and I’m finishing this, and a few other things. It’s pitch black in our room, and I don’t want to wake him. Ughh…

Okay. I’m sorry this is a wack post.

Today’s daily gratitude is for one of the guys I live with. His name is Luis. He is like a brother to me. Now I understand when my brother says that he feels like I’m so much funnier, or when my friend Andrew says his younger brother Nick is way funnier. Luis is almost like my younger, impossibly more hilarious brother. Thank you, Luis, for being a friend, and being funny. You’ve always been there, and you’ve always had a joke to crack.



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