And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

So, yes, much Service tomorrow.

BUT FIRST, enjoy this gem, made by my music teacher:

Now, the reason I decided to title this post the way I did was because of my need to share entire albums of Miles Davis’ work, as a substitute for a blog post with substance to it…

This is an amazing album. Listen to it, when you’re writing, reading, cooking, relaxing, whatever you may be doing. It’s just awesome, all around.

And, this other album I enjoy:

I feel I may already have shared it, but no matter. Listen on, anyway. Miles Davis is quite literally, the man. Okay.

So, I got to watch Disney’s Frozen with Brielle tonight, which I means I saw her for the first time since break started. Which makes my soul so, so happy. today’s gift was a tiny mouse, with a lot to say. It’s a loan. It’s also a long story.

Tonight’s Daily Gratitude is to one of the counselors that works here. I guess I can’t disclose info on her, besides that her first names starts with and “L”. I never really thank her for all that she does for me. Really, for all that she does for all of the guys living here. She cares about us, and only wants what’s best for us. She sometimes gets irritated with us, and for good reason. I get irritated for similar reasons… anyways, I know she won’t read this post (at least not on her own yet I feel someone might show her…), but if she is, thank you. Thank you for all that you do for us. I know you probably don’t hear it enough, but thank you.



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