New Year’s Resolutions (I think…)

So, this is a post about resolutions (or something).

But first, I thought you guys should know that my dad is possibly the only human being who can sit through an entire ASPCA commercial, an not feel a tinge of remorse (and also won’t try to change the channel). He is… superhuman? I’m not sure. I think so.

So, before I share with you my own resolutions, here are two things. First, “25 New Year’s Resolutions Every Person Should Actually Make for 2014,” as presented by

Also, a playlist of cool songs from the year, complied by one of my favorite websites (and the one I probably spent 70% of today on, and about 57% of this break so far…),

So, now onto my list…


Can I make my two lists?

Because there’s stuff I want to do, and then there’s stuff I know will be a lot more likely of happening. Like… a lot more. So, I felt two lists very necessary, appropriate, and reasonable. Alright here we go!

First List: Resolutions I Intend to Keep for 2014

1. Continue Living (or at least trying).
2. Graduate High School (on time).
3. Attend College/University for pursuit of Undergraduate Degree.
4. Cry, about a variety of stuff, for a variety of reasons. Some good, some probably not so good, some normal.
5. Continue being alive (because being alive and living are definitely two different things).
6. Continuing to think that people actually read this blog.
7. Stay up way too late for no real reason, on more than one occasion.
8. Mailing something, at some point, through the actual, physical mail. Mail. Mail. Mail.
9. Say Goodbye. Probably a lot. Probably a lot more than I’d like. Probably for longer than I’d like.
10. Have expectations. Be disappointed. Be cynical. Then make fun of own cynicism. Repeat cycle out of optimism/habit, and be surprised every once in a while.

Second List: Resolutions I’d Like to Keep for 2014 (But Nothing is For Certain…)
*[Note: I will try to keep these resolutions. I will. I really will.]

1. Drive. I mean, I do have a license. REPEAT: I DO IN FACT, OWN A LICENSE. I just need to… you know, actually drive.
2. Be nicer to people as a whole, especially people I don’t necessarily like. Also try to deal with not being in a bad mood as often. Or at least not letting my bad mood affect how I treat others, and how I behave as a whole.
3. Attempt to lose weight. To feel less self-conscious about it. Also, genetics aren’t working in my favor, so I have to try.
4. Get a summer job, to have the monies. And make lost of the monies.
5. Secure myself lots of the monies for college, because being broke sucks, and being in debt sucks worse.
6. Try to say less, and do more. Unless saying is more powerful. Unless, again, doing is more meaningful.
7. Try to make more music, and push myself more in that pursuit.
8. Either stop coming in (what I consider) second place, or stop losing in disgrace. Or both, because technically both are possible.
9. Deepen my spirituality. Understand my roots better. Figure out who I really am.
10. Get sleep, every once in a while.

So, those are nice looking lists. Yay.

Oh, also, I’m going to be in Kansas tomorrow, visiting family, until about Thursday. So, I’ll try my best to post, but no promises. Happy New Year, and for those who won’t read this in the last few minutes that are left of the day in which I post this, Happy New Year’s Eve.

Daily Gratitude time! Today I would like to share my gratitude for a group of people. A collective mass of people who wouldn’t necessarily have thought themselves to be able to collectively group themselves. I would name them all by person, but I honestly couldn’t, even if I tried. Some of them have already been named on this blog, and have already been shown gratitude here as well. Some of them have yet to be, and might not, except for this post. Some of them I know. A lot of them I know. But some of them I do not. So, I think the best way to tell you who I mean is to tell you why I group them collectively. I mean to thank all of the people who have in some way or another influenced my being at the school I currently am at, and have helped me in some way while here, and led to the opportunities that have opened up for me. Honestly, I am truly blessed and grateful for the last year, and also the last year-and-a-half. Thank you so much!



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