Kennedy Center Honors

So, tonight I got the chance to see the television airing of the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony, in which two of my favorite musicians, among a few other incredibly talented people, were honored with this distinction of being a Kennedy Center Honoree.

As you can imagine, Herbie Hancock being honored was simply amazing for me to watch. I very much enjoyed it. But I also enjoyed being able to see Carlos Santana be honored for the amazing work he has done in the music industry.

All of these people have done incredible things for music, and the arts in general in our society. I value music all too much, and it’s so awesome to get to see people given the recognition they deserve.

It’s also getting to see some a bunch of jazz musicians, Snoop Dogg, and then Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys all covering Herbie Hancock stuff. That’s a pretty awesome night, in my mind.

Anyways, that was awesome to see on television.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Mr. Sauer. He is one of my two current music teachers, as he teachers the Adv. Jazz Ensemble. He is such a cool dude. Honestly, under his conducting I’ve grown tremendously as a musician, and I have fallen in love with Jazz because of this man. Thank you, Mr. Sauer, for being there as a teacher, and as a person. I greatly appreciate you for all that you’ve done in my life.



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