Half Way Through Break

So, I guess I’m half way through this break of mine. By which I mean Winter Break. Which has only really been a half-break…

I guess soon I’ll have to work on a “Year in Review” type thing, considering it’s the 28th, and the 31st would be my deadline? I don’t know, it might also be a “New Years Resolutions!” thing. I haven’t really decided if it’ll be satirical, or serious. Or both. Or two, in the same post. Hmm…

Anyways, I’ll be spending New Years in Kansas with some family, unless it snows bad enough that the roads close, in which case I’ll be home.

I just got back from a birthday party for my mom’s friend it was fun. There was a ton of food, and a ton of laughs. It was too cold for anything else, really.

I have actual New Years Resolutions, including trying to lose enough weight that I look good from a distance without a shirt on, so that I can not be ashamed of myself during swimming pool season, and as such awkward if I go swimming, and to also attempt to go swimming, probably with Brielle.

Right, Brielle! Today she got me Christmas sleeping Jammies!

They are not as crazy as these, are are the pants half, but yeah, she included the URL to this video. Probably some sort of inspiration. But I like it, so yeah.

Okay. Daily Gratitude time.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for all of my friend’s parents who have let me stay at their house on some occasion. Currently this includes David’s and Andrew’s, although I have almost stayed at Kate’s and Elise’s, to the point where arrangements for sleeping had happened, and it was just some last minute thing that stopped that from happening. Also, ME, and my mentor Janet, who have also let me stay at their respective houses. Sometimes, I just really need a place to stay the weekend, and all of these people have welcomed me with open arms. Thank you all!



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