Actual Christmas Day

Christmas Day, and it feels like… a regular day, actually. Well, I slept in too late, did a terrible job of messaging/texting people back today, but hey, don’t I always?

I’m just feeling like I didn’t accomplish a whole lot yet. Winter break in a nutshell.

But sometimes love is all you need.

And sometimes all you need is to get your script (that you need to memorize parts for), and your music (that you also need to memorize parts for) in front of you, and start working on that. And then take breaks reading Calvin and Hobbes and Time magazine, which I now have a one year subscription to. Woot! Thanks Brielle!

Currently I’m drinking some of the Arizona Tea that Derek brought me yesterday. Again, much love and much gratitude for Derek!

In other news, am I panicked for school, and money, and being accepted into colleges? Yes. Does it help that half of my class has already been accepted into their top choice school, and the other half either has way too much money to care about affording college, or has been offered mammoth amount of financial aid to other schools to which they’ve applied? No, not at all. Do I feel like giving up on this entire process and just saying I want to be a street performer for the rest of my life? You betcha! But hey, I’ve always wanted to give up and cry! That’s never stopped me before.

Also, I’m being facetious.

Also, if you don’t know what facetious means, look it up.

Also, I think I’m done with this post, which was actually more of a worry rant.

Anyways, Daily Gratitude! Today’s Daily Gratitude is for a man I affectionately refer to as Profe (with an accent on the “e”). He was the man overseeing my work study endeavors this past semester. And I missed my mandatory “every day at lunch” obligation. Frequently. But almost always with good cause. And almost always with his permission and blessing. He was always very flexible about my work study and all my other obligations and commitments. He was always able to work something out with me. And although work study for me is over now that the semester is also over, that doesn’t mean I won’t stop dropping by his office, seeing if I can do some sort of work. I thank you, Profe. Thank you.

Anyways, goodnight, and a Merry Rest-of-your-Christmas! Peace!…


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