The Eve…

Merry Christmas…Eve.

Christmas Eve is almost more memorable for me than actual Christmas Day. I mean, Christmas Day is awesome in my family, but I hold the Eve before it in a special place in my heart. The suspense, the gift wrapping, the staying up really late the night before… it’s special to me.

This year, because my mom works early on Christmas Day (she works as a cook at a hospital, which doesn’t close down for Christmas for obvious reasons…), we celebrated pretty early tonight. We even opened presents (although Brielle gave me something special for Christmas which is meant to be opened on the day of, so I’m keeping true to her wishes). I got some pants, a shirt. It was nice.

My friend Derek also dropped by from some other stuff (he basically went all over Colorado), and he gave me a gallon of Arizona Tea, some packs of tea, and ground Starbucks coffee beans. I love you Derek!

Brielle’s gift for today was also boxes of tea bags. Suffice to say, all of my friends know me all too well…

I’m gonna cut this post short because sleep is necessary for waking up early tomorrow.

My Daily Gratitude tonight is for Santa. Because he gives so much. He was essential to my Childhood, just like cookies, and my brother. Thanks Santa!



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