The Day before the Day before

So, here’s Steven Colbert.


With that out of the way, I wanted to say Merry Christmas Eve… Eve. It is in fact the day before the day before Christmas. So, yeah. Unless you’re reading this on the 24th, in which case it’s actually only the day before Christmas.

Either way, it’s December. Which is nice. And Christmas is soon. Very, very soon. I’m glad to be home with my parents, and my brother. I am a little sad I won’t be seeing a large portion of my friends over break. Brielle, Gus, David, Andrew, Elise, Kate, and many other included. Also, Drew, who I actually probably won’t see until June, apparently. Anywho…

Family. Friends. Love. Christmas. World Domination. Do I have my buzzwords covered?

Here’s a thing I have for an idea about a play I’m thinking about writing.

This would be (part/the basis for) the opening monologue:

“It seems we have found an instability in the time-space continuum, stemming from the center of that black hole. It seems that the black hole is gyrating wildly, in an up and down manner. We have nicknamed it’s wild activity a… Time Twerk.”

From there, it extends into a whole plot involving a flamboyantly gay Abraham Lincoln clone who eats the entirety of western China, and is then sentenced to death by steam locomotive, only to be saved by (Morgan Freeman playing) Clint Eastwood. I have yet to figure out how the flying monkeys and robot zombies work into the plot yet, but it’s getting there.

Also, Tupac is the protagonist’s son. Played by Mel Gibson.  All of which is choreographed by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Oh, and for publicity, we’ll have Beyonce be in charge of keeping it secret, and then release it all of a sudden, freak out about it, and promptly have the entire internet talking about it.

I just hope people take this adaptation of the Michael Moore documentary seriously.

And that is my concept for a play.

My Daily Gratitude tonight goes to the people that decided that accepting me into their college was a good idea. Also, I hope you decide giving me lots of money is also a good idea. Just for privacy sake, I am not disclosing what schools have accepted. Which also means I could be lying, and not have been accepted to schools yet. You never know. But to the admissions people at the schools that have so far accepted me, thank you. Especially considering everything. Much love, and have an awesome break! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years! Also, thanks for the good news (if it exists)!



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