Sunday Funday

Sundays. Well, I slept in. That was fun.

But I feel like I don’t really accomplish anything if the day starts too late. Which it sort of did for me.

Anyways, it’s just another day. As is tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll start again, and this time I’ll actually accomplish stuff.

Anyways, this will be a short post.

Brielle gave me a 2.2 pound bad of Reece’s Pieces. It was awesome. It was also hijacked by my parents. But I can always grab some.

Today’s daily gratitude goes to Mr. Dawkins, the teacher who I met second at my school. (I met the summer class oral communications teacher Mr. Woodley first, because I had him for class). Mr. Dawkins has been following my blog since the beginning, and supporting it since, but even before that he has been supporting my journey at this school which I guess I will be leaving in a semester. He’s one of those people who’s checking in on me often, enough though he doesn’t really have a reason to. He cares, only because I’m a student, and he genuinely wants my success without any reason for it besides his thinking I deserve it. He and I also have a tendency to go to Starbucks, which you might think is weird for a High School teacher/student, but it’s always an excuse to get inside my head as a student, to see how I’m doing, if I need any help with anything. Most recently, that’s been college apps, and just school stuff in general. Even if I end up not needing any help, it’s always nice o have someone who checks in. I’m sad to say that my one semester taking a class in which Mr. Dawkins teaches has now come to an end, but I couldn’t be more grateful for this teacher in my life. Thank you, for all of the starbucks, all of the help, all of the check-ins, all of the trips, all of the serious talks, and all of the caring.



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