It Did Not Feel Like a Saturday

So, today was a Saturday. It did not feel like one. In all honesty, it feels like I’ve already been on break for a good week. I already have my winter-break-beard pretty grown out. It’s been exactly two days, guys. TWO. DAYS. And it already feels like my break should be half over. I have already accomplished today what I usually accomplish about every winter break: kind of nothing, but just enough of something that it matters.

Very cryptic. I know. That’s my thing.

I also want to hibernate for the rest of break.

Very hyperbolic. I know. Also my thing.

Today I got a toy from Brielle as part of the 18 days of winter break present series. It’s like the Bop-It toy thing, except it’s Simon, so it’s for light up buttons in different colors and sounds that you have to try to hit in the order they light up. It’s a play on the “Simon Says” thing. I really like it, because I can challenge myself to do the correct order based solely off of pitch if I close my eyes and do it. Which I have been doing all day. So, that’s a thing. I have gotten a lot better. This might unintentionally be the thing I use the most. Also, I have never owned a game like this, so it’s a really awesome present in that aspect. Thank you Brielle! (There is no photo today. Deal with it.)

So, Daily Gratitude. I want to dedicate my daily gratitude today to someone who has sort of influenced me on a very deep level, from the moment I first arrived at this new school. He actually was my tour guide on the first day. And he struggled with my name for the first few months. But he and I got along swimmingly. He was a very involved, cheerful, and much beloved person at the school, and I decided I wanted to be like him. I still don’t think I’m at the level he was when he went he (before he graduated back in May), but I intend to be beloved like him, for doing noteworthy things for other people, but more than anything, for being a superb human being and caring for others. He truly defines that “Man With and For Others” aspect of a Jesuit education. My friend Drew, that is who this post is dedicated. Thank you man, for everything.

Okay, peace!…


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