First Official Day of Winter Break

So, as you might imagine from the Title of this post, today was the first official day of Winter Break. I am currently at my parents house, where I will be for two weeks and some odd days. (So, I need to be back Jan. 5th, basically.)

It was eventful. I saw Brielle for a little this morning, and then I was picked up by my dad, and then yeah. Now I’m here. At my parents house.

So, I don’t know what to talk about. The only book I brought with me over break was The Little Prince, which is a great book, but really won’t get me far. I knew I forgot something… I have a few books here though, so that’s still fine. It’s… something.

On the other hand, I have three guitars, and a bass. As well as an amp. I forgot my few pedals (by which I actually only mean one), but it’ll still be okay. I have instruments! And Choir music to learn before I get back. Fun, homework… But it’s okay, it’s music homework! Yay!

So, here’s a thing: Brielle did this thing, where because I more than likely won’t see her during break, she gave me a hug box of bags for each day, as each bag contains a present. I get to open the assigned bag for the day on each day, and thus enjoy the present. (I have the greatest girlfriend ever. Everyone else should give up. It’s over.)

Today’s present (although I did get to see her) was a Charlie Brown Christmas Mug, a stir-n-spoon (which is a spoon with like… stuff on it, that you stir into coffee to make it awesome), and a Starbucks gift card. The first day’s gift is already awesome enough to be a far above-par gift. And there’s still 17 more. This is way too awesome. Apparently each bag also has a note, and today’s was a comic. With lots of coffee puns. I get it, it’s a theme. Here’s a picture of all of it.

The gift. It's just so... perfect. And it's only been a day!
The gift. It’s just so… perfect. And it’s only been a day!

Anyways, that’s basically a post.

My daily gratitude is for my friend Derek. He and I are buds. We did summer school together (we’re such rebels), and I’m grateful for him listening to all of the things I always say. Also, I’m here for you always Derek. Thanks for being such a kick-butt friend. I also in return would like to be more of a kick-butt friend. Much love, holmes.



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