Last Night of “Before-Finals” (This Semester)

You heard that right. Just two more tests tomorrow, and I’m done with both finals, and this semester. So, yeah. I’m tired, and excited, and nervous, and I want sleep, and coffee, and tea, and to just be tomorrow afternoon already, but at the same time not really. So, yeah. Regular Jorge, experiencing regular finals.

Hey, here’s a video to watch (as I despair about my last two finals):

Ahh, comedy, you almost take the pain away. Anyways, that’s as close as I’m getting to a post tonight.

My daily gratitude tonight is for the Starbucks baristas, who all seem to know me by name now. I think that’s a tiny bit disturbing, but also really cool, yet also kind of depressing. But hey, it’s nice to be on a first name basis with them, although they all are classified as one whole gratitude. Anyways…

Goodnight. Peace!…


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