Variety (Christmas Spirit)

So, today, I did the Breakfast thing with the Select Choir. That was fun. I had an awesome breakfast, and it was really filling, and I’m glad I was able to enjoy that with the awesome members of the Select Choir, and also our awesome Director, Mrs. Wuertz.

I also am done with work-study at my school, which makes me so, incredibly overjoyed to know that my lunches next semester will finally be my own to do what ever I please with.

Awesome Christmas tree! Haha

But see, none of these are the point of this post. I want to talk about Christmas, and how it came early this year. So, between my girlfriend Brielle, our good friend Elise, and myself, we decided to do a three-way gift-exchange type thing, where each person buys a present for the other two. Well, we exchanged gifts today, and it went pretty well.

I really enjoyed what I got, although it’s not about that. It’s really not even about the presents, although they were nice. It’s about spending time with the people we care about, and showing them that we really do care. And I know that was cliche, and corny, and I don’t care. That’s what Christmas really is. And although I got some awesome ornaments for a tree that I ended up making out of poster board and green construction paper, and some other cool things (including tea, socks with mustaches, a scarf, and my favorite picture framed), I’m glad I got to show two of my favorite human beings that they mean a lot to me.

Awesome Christmas present!
Awesome Christmas present from the GF!

That was my post. My daily gratitude is then for Elise, who hasn’t really gotten one, nor does she read this blog (I don’t think…), but she’s been an awesome friend, and incredibly supportive. Thank you, Elise. And for everyone else, Peace!…


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