Not many things are getting me through finishing homework on the last night before a full day of class this semester. One of those things is venting (complaining) to my girlfriend, as I finish some stuff. The other is the fact that I get to have breakfast with the entire Select Choir tomorrow morning at Village Inn, as opposed to doing anything in our first class (which actually is Select Choir…).

That’s really all I have for a post right now. I’m sorry. But I have a double dose of Daily Gratitudes… (I forgot last night’s…).

The first is to the loyal reader, and also really good friend, Jack. He actually noticed that I forgot a Daily Gratitude last night. I know he reds every post, and is often disappointed when I don’t make a real post. He’s also been there for me very often, and has been an accompanist for me on the few times I’ve ever had to sing by myself. So, twice. Ever. But both of those times, he was there for me. Thank you, Jack!

The second is for my Brother, Miguel. He’s been there since the beginning, by which I mean he was there from the moment I was born (let’s not worry about conception, this one time…). Since that day he met me, he has been my my side, and has remained my number one supporter. He puts me in my place when my ego gets to big, and I wouldn’t be half the man I am today were it not for him. Thank you, Miguel, I love you mucho.

Alright. I guess that’s a blog post. Goodnight. Peace!…


One thought on “Breakfast

  1. I still love your daily gratitudes, especially this one for your bro. He is a great role model for you. And I am glad he puts you in your place at times. We all need someone like that!

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