Videos and Such

Yay, videos!

First, a great way to start off the post of videos…

“8 Moments Guaranteed To Make You Happycry”

Oh, this one’s for those with a child’s heart.

“Disneyland Secrets Everyone Should Know”

Now College stuff (which is related to what I’m going through right now).

“15 Experiences Everyone Should Have in College”

More stuff relating to college.

“Essential Dorm Survival Hacks”


“Things You Should Do Your First Year Out Of College”


“6 Unwritten Rules to Living With Your Significant Other”

A good night to all of you. Peace!

And tonight’s Daily Gratitude goes to Mrs. Wuertz, the awesome choir director who believed in me enough to put me in her choir. Also, she’s one of the few human beings who can tell something’s wrong, but doesn’t try to ask what it is. Instead, she does other things to try to cheer me up. Bless you, Mrs. Wuertz.


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