My Favorites

So, today I got to record awesome songs for some auditions for music scholarships and such. But, besides that, I also got to participate in my first actual choral concert at the school.

It was awesome, getting to see all the different choirs perform. I was in the only male choir of the night, and it was especially awesome joining the girls’ Canta Belles on stage for two songs. (My girlfriend, and a bunch of cool friends that are girls are in that choir, so singing with them was a blast.)

The choir concert was fun. I enjoyed singing, and then hearing from everybody that I make faces while I sing. Which is funny, because I used to semi- do it on purpose, but then I tried to stop, and then I realized that it’s going to stay with me forever.

But I got to see some amazing performances, hopefully help take some people’s breath away. It’s just a blast.

I’ll leave tonight with this, which is my favorite version of this song, originally from the Sound of Music, including that new failed version that Carrie Underwood attempted live on TV, and didn’t go so well, but gave us hope for more theatre on TV. This version was actually something my girlfriend introduced me to. John Coltrane, as we all know, is the man. Anways, this:

So, yeah. I guess that’s it. Peace!

Oh, and tonight’s Daily Gratitude goes to my Girlfriend, Brielle, for being so awesome. And for supporting this blog, even before we really started talking, or anything. Wow. Okay, yeah. ILY.


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