So, considering that today was one of my few free days this year, and I am currently staying at my friend David’s house, we decided to pick up our friend Gustavo, and along with David’s younger sister, we all went to the mall.

See, I don’t go to malls very often, and I never really thought I’d go to a mall as big as the local one. It’s kind of huge. Well, at least to me it is. And that’s weird.

It’s so strange, to have taken part in the giant social construct, of equating material possessions and the spending of monetary figures to love, happiness, and fulfillment. And I hate to sound so hapless, but it’s really just about love. I think we often forget that love is what this time is all about. And the reason we give presents and buy things for one another is because we’re supposed to show that we love. But we get so caught up in the objects themselves that we forget that the purpose was love.

And love is not a feeling. Love is not a noun. It is a verb. Regardless of what anyone says, the feeling of love is different from love itself. People often don’t realize that to love someone means to love agapically, to love unconditionally. The “feeling” of love is the feeling of fulfillment often associated with the act of loving. But they are separate things. We know this because it is possible to love someone you hate. It is possible to hate someone you love. Love is what holds everything together, and this time is the celebration of it.

Love is being with your friends, while looking for meaningful things to give other friends of yours. Love is running into your Choir teacher (shout out to Mrs. Wuertz, who actually reads this blog on the daily), and having a really interesting conversation about non-school and non-choir related things, and laughing because she’s a genuinely funny human being. Love is even the strange people on their iPhones shopping for people they sometimes feel like they don’t know, and misguidedly thinking that their objects by their companionships, and knowing that even through their wrong-ness, they still are love, and try to be love, especially for other people, even if the actions don’t do well to serve that purpose.

Love is letting a friend stay at your house, and reading his texts t other people when he needs your help, your support, and your companionship. So today’s daily graditude is for my friend David, who, along with his parents and sister, have lovingly let me into their homes, and I don’t know what action could greater symbolize love.

Thank you David, and your family. Peace!…


One thought on “Malls

  1. Buying gifts is not equal to love.

    I am glad you wrote your first gratitude! Good job.

    I am lucky to be able to read your blog every day.


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