A Year of Gratitude

So, it was a year ago today that the Daily Jorge was born. An entire year… Wow, that’s almost too much. I can’t believe that something I started mostly as a test to see how long I could blog for would end up being this strong a year later. I am so blessed to be here, continuing this awesome project. I am even more blessed to know that so many people have supported me in this endeavor, and I want to show them gratitude. So, as a way of celebrating another year to come to the Daily Jorge, I want to include a “Daily Gratitude” at the end of every post. It will be a shout out to a specific person, or group of people, who have impacted me, either on my endeavors with the blog, out just my life in general. I think that to start this off, I need to more than do one, because I’m grateful for so many people. Thank you! You know, for reading this…

So, I guess my first goes to my parents. For giving me life, and loving me unconditionally, even when that was add hard as it was. I live you.

I’m tired. I’ll actually blog tomorrow. Peace!…


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