I’ve had some really though walks to school this morning. [Established, opening metaphor.]

I’ve been walking to school for a while, but yesterday and today I faced harsh winds, subzero temperatures, and snow that reaches up a foot in some places, with only some tennis shoes to protect my feet from the snow. [Explain metaphor in further depth, adding life and style to it.]

But I am not afraid of the snow. [Turn or shift in the piece.]

I have faced harder things than a little cold, and some ice in my shoes. To be completely honest, I am an endurer. I was born to endure. I was bred, raised, and then challenged to survive opposition in its worst forms. A little snow won’t harm me. A few words here or there don’t faze me. The greatest gift I have is the ability to bear silence when most people can’t even bear their own load. [Development after the shift.]

I was never meant to be a complainer, but somehow I have started to become one. But that is not my purpose, and if I become one now, then I am simply creating my own downfall. [Intentional vagueness, and slight developmental “drift” from the subject.]

It’s time I return to me roots, and let my true self out. I was born to endure. I made to conquer. I live to succeed. [Closing “power statement”.]





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