So, today was the Winter Instrumental Concert at my school. Which means Jazz Band played. Which means Take 5, and Manteca (sadly not Tenor Madness, although soon…). Which means a solid bass solo on Take 5. Which means AHHHHHHHH I DID IT YAY!!!!

Anyways, that happened.

So, here’s and article I just read, and I love it enough to share already. But mostly ecause I’m busy packing everything I own and care about into boxes because I no longer have a room to myself. It’s a long story, bt know that it’s okay. I’m just dealing with it, but it’ll be okay. I’ll have a roommate again soon, which should at the very least be interesting, although I imagine it not going badly, haha.

Anyways, article.

Here’s the link. Follow it.


So, yeah. I must get back to packing. Peace!…


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