Things that Make me Proud to Write

So, sometimes I forget how awesome is is to be a writer, and how much it means to me. But I often am reminded by the little things… and the not so little things. I had to do what we call a “mini-lesson” in journalism, which is a 5 minute or less presentation on something we think would help with reporting, writing, story ideas, etc., and I was trying to set up a photography mini workshop on using speed lights and remote triggers on cameras to use them without having to have them necessarily connected to the camera. The setup failed sort of, and so I was left to improvise a new mini lesson.

Having to do something on the fly, I decided to use my idea for my other mini lesson, later in the semester (I think our last class period?…), and I brought up the blog. I made a point about editing, and writing, and although we as a publication seem to be making the switch over to a mostly digital format, strong writing is still very important. I decided to talk about how I started the blog, and did some pretty cool stuff with it (if I am allowed to say so). But even then, it was just something I worked on over time. It was something I started as a project, a challenge to deliver something quality every day, in some way shape or form, and simply write, whatever the cost. Since December 6th of last year, I have been blogging every day (almost), and my writing has gotten better. I’ve gotten better at work choice (and usage), extended my vocabulary,improved editing skills, and have further developed my own voice. The wonders of writing every day!

I also talked about using a wordpress site for writing, and that even a “simple” layout blog can still yield pretty awesome results as far as cool looking blogs go. But I’ve also done a bunch of work with the CSS, and layout, and such.

So, with that, about writing, I want to share one of my favorite essays to date, written a few years ago, by the late, great, Kurt Vonnegut. Here it is. It’s an awesome essay, but if you don’t want to read it, here’s one of my favorite parts.

In the essay, Vonnegut says,

“If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:


Kind of like this…

I think that’s beautiful. I can relate. The rest of the essay is amazing, and strays somewhat from this idea, although the idea presented is by no means the point of the essay.

Anyway’s, here’s a video I liked.

With that, I bid you ado. Goodnight! Peace…


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