Discoveries on the Internet

While realizing that it’s time for Christmas music, and that most Christmas music begins to bother me after a while (it’s the same thing, year after year, after year…), I began making searches for Christmas Jazz (Christmas classics bother me, but combined in other genres AND DONE WELL they are actually fun to listen to).

I quickly came across this site for listening to jazz on the internet. Which is awesome. Check it out. You can do eras, emphasis on a certain sub-genre, or instrument focus, or even artist. It’s pretty cool stuff.

You also might’ve realized that this blog is snowing. Enjoy that as well. I think it’s really cool. If you’re reading from a mobile platform (like your phone, genius…), you can’t see the snow.

So get on a computer if you want to see it? Sorry, I don’t have any other options than that…

Here’s a cover of the song I posted yesterday, done by only 5 brass instrument players. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

Those guys are the “Boston Brass.” Pretty awesome name, as well. Simple. I like it.

But the real treat might be this next piece.

So, Boston College’s Jazz Ensemble is called the BC bOp! Jazz Ensemble. They’re incredible. Right now in my Jazz Ensemble, we’re playing a song originally by Sonny Rollins called “Tenor Madness.” Here is their performance of that very song last year. (The piano intro is over a minute long,but it’s amazing.)

The four tenor saxophones are simply amazing. So is the pianist. I’m just… I shouldn’t be allowed to play Jazz anymore…

Okay, that’s it for tonight. Peace!…


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