Some more Fascinating Jazz (With Background!)

Okay, so in Jazz we’re playing this awesome song called, “Manteca” originally recorded by Dizzie Gillespie and his band back in the 1940s. It’s one of the first Afro-Cubans standards, and it’s just in general a very fun piece to play. I’m not playing bass on this one, so I get to mess around on cajon, or if needed, the congas.

The instrument I end up playing on this song, the cajon.
The instrument I end up playing on this song, the cajon.

Just some interesting stuff about the video I’m embedding below: First off, Dizzie Gillespie plays very interesting trumpet. He’s an amazing player, but because he played with a bad form throughout his entire career, his cheeks puffed out whenever he played (for over 50 years…), and by the time of this recording in the 1980s he had super puffed-out chipmunk cheeks whenever he played. He also played a bent horn trumpet, which is pretty awesome, because the tone is simply amazing. His protege, Jon Faddis, definitely took this part of his style.

Jon Faddis plays a pretty wicked solo. The trombone solo, as well as the conga and drum solos also add a new dynamic to the piece. I love this recording a lot, because you also get to see Dizzie miss around as the conductor for the big band. Enjoy this awesome piece.

Okay, so, I think that’s a post. Peace!…


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