Giving Thanks (a Blog Split in Two)


So, it’s Thanksgiving. And as cliched it is to do a blog on Thanksgiving… I am doing one anyway. So, HAA!!!

Anyways, I also wanted to share other stuff with you, so I’m doing that, but first, it really is a time to give thanks.

I want to give thanks to all those people who have helped me in one way or another. I want to give thanks for all of those who have supported me in one of my many endeavors, whether it be music, or writing, or this blog, or writing this blog, or something else that I’ve done along the way. Also, I want to give thanks for my family and friends, my teachers and mentors, and those people who have yet to give up their faith in me. I want to thank my brother and parents, for always loving me, and being there for me, regardless of anything else. Also, a special thank you to those people who make the awesome program that I’m a part of possible. Also, to the scholarship donors who make my awesome education possible, and without I wouldn’t be the same person, because my experience with the school I’m at has had a very deep and profound impact on me, thank you. (Insert spot for those specific people to realize that I’m mentioning them, except not by name…) Lastly, I’d like to thank the people who read this blog. I sometimes wonder why I still do it, but it’s always a coming back and realizing that I have some really awesome people, a lot of whom I don’t even know, who read this blog and love it. So to them, thank you!

Also, I’d like to thank those people who have, in the last year or two, welcomed me into their lives with open arms. This includes many people, including some of my best friends (Kate, Andrew, Gustavo, some other human beings), and my girlfriend, Brielle. Thank you.

NOW, I can talk about stuff other than thanksgiving. So… Christmas?

Here’s my awesome Christmas Wish List (first draft), of which will probably be updated and included in future posts.

This year, I’ve decided to avoid the incredibly expensive things I know I’m not going to ever actually get as a gift. Well, not so much avoid as limit, but there is definitely a lot more other things which I know are reasonable and simple to ask for.


Things for Christmas:

-Subscription to “Time Magazine” (Here)

So, I really like reading Time Magazine. I don’t mind having an actual physical copy, or an electronic copy (or both!), but I’d love to just have a copy to read. Other alternatives include Guitar World Magazine, and… something else of the list?

[Pricey] Mad Professor, “Golden Cello” pedal (Here)


So, I just really love this guitar pedal. And it seems to be the only thing I’m asking for that’s at all pricey. I’m asking for other guitar stuff, so I’d still love that, and this might be one of those things I’m gonna have to get on my own, and I’m sort of fine with that.

-Funky, strange, interesting, and funny socks (Target, probably also Walmart and the likes…)


I love strange socks. That’s why I’m asking for them. I have some really awesome blue socks with bears on them, and I’d really love some more awesome socks. Let’s see what happens with that, though.

-Gummy Bears from Sprout’s (At Sprout’s…)


I love these gummy bears, because they’re just… delicious. They’re made with real fruit juice (or something), and I’d just love a bag of them for Christmas. Is that too much to ask?

-Guitar strings (Here)

Well, there’s a lot of variety, and as any guitar player, I do have preference for some strings. Although I would gladly accept any, if you wanted to get me a certain type, get me these for my electric, or these for my acoustic. If you REALLY love me, get me these for my electric, or these for my 12-string acoustic.

-Guitar picks (Here)

Unlike with strings, I don’t really have any preference for specific types of picks. I’ll use just about any type. I do have a small amount of preference for medium or heavy picks, but that’s really about it. I could use some more small, heavy picks though…

-A Decent Coffee Mug (ANYWHERE)

Really. I just want a coffee mug I can call my own. Something like a travel mug, so that I can take coffee with me, anywhere I go.

But before anything else, I don’t want people to think I posted this stuff because I want things for Christmas. It’s not about that. Especially not on this day. I always think it’s funny to do wishlist posts, and maybe some of these things correlate with some of the things you feel like asking for. Or maybe not. But hey, this day is a celebration of the things we have. Let’s celebrate that we can at least laugh at our own want for material things, when we already have so much.

So, that’s it for this post. Besides this link to one of my earliest posts. It reminds me of why I started this post in the first place, and although I’ve grown a lot and some of my opinions have changed, I also have many similarities with my younger self. So, there’s that. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Peace!…


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