The Big…Rest? No, no, it’s Definitely a Break

I’m on break. I’m really tired. I’m currently writing an arrangement of Miles Davis, “All Blues” where guitar has the melody. I don’t know why. I still have homework to do. I think I’ll do that tomorrow. I want sleep. But I’m not really that tired.

I might have sent my girlfriend a message that looked like this:

“Do you though? Do you REALLY understand? What is to be understood? What is understanding? What is? What? …?”

Sometimes I don’t even know how. It’s also funny, because it retains almost the same meaning completely out of context. Because it had no actual meaning.

I also just sent her the lyrics to Katy Perry’s, “Firework.” I don’t know why I do the things I do, sometimes.

I think it’s just… I need to finish this post? I don’t know. I should be finished. There, I’m finished. Peace!…


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