The Longest Time

Today was a long day. It didn’t have reason to be, and I’m not saying it was boring, or uneventful, but it was long. Very much happened, and I’m now on Thanksgiving break, which is awesome, but that doesn’t detract from how long this day was. Can I just emphasize this? It was a long day.

Well, I woke up early, and got breakfast with one of my teachers, and had an awesome time. Classes were pretty awesome (we talked about Hamlet in AP Lit, which was pretty stimulating), and then I got my results from callbacks. I got cast as an understudy, but I understand. It was difficult, don’t get me wrong, but I understand. My talents (or the talents I’m always told I possess) lie in other areas. That’s fine…

In Jazz, we got a special guest in the form of a former classmate and band member who graduated last year, who got to jam with us again. That was a lot of fun, and I feel like I miss both that person, and getting to play like I used to last year. But thing happen, and usually with good reason.

After school, I got to see another one of my graduated friends, and it was awesome. I especially look up to and missed this person, and getting to see him again sort of made my day. I then got coffee with my girlfriend and one of our good friends. Then we went to a thing for the program house to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was awesome, and there was food. So it was doubly awesome. Why am I sharing all of this with you? Well, because I need to write a post, I’m tired, and this is all I can think about. And now it’s Thanksgiving break. That’s cool. Well, I might need to sleep, or something. Anyways…. goodnight.



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