Research Projects

Today I was concluding a serious part of a serious research project for a class of mine. As I was doing this, I realized how much I love studying. Well, sort of…


So the research project was supposed to revolve around a subject of our choosing, and a question that we asked, and then tried to answer. The point of this was to research something we were interested in, and learn a lot about it, in order to answer our question. As I was doing my research, and concluding with the answering of my question, I realized that I really enjoyed what my subject was. (I don’t want to talk a whole lot about the project, or my question, necessarily. I will probably use all of that for a later blog post. But I will say that my subject and question had something to do with music.)

I think that we sometimes underestimate how truly awesome knowledge, and research, and learning are. I know that I’ve gotten really caught up in the “work” aspect of formal schooling, and begun to… despise a lot of the things of the education system. But I know that in doing so, I’ve taken for granted how truly awesome it is to have passion in the things you’re learning about. I know that right now it might be because it’s a music related project, but I know that I’ve felt the same sometimes when learning about poetry, or history, or even things I struggle in sometimes, like Calculus, or the sciences. Sometimes we need to forget that we’re doing work, and not be afraid to dive into the things that we’re doing, and their beauty and place in the universe. I want to learn about all of the things that make us up, and the universe, and the forces that keep the universe the way it is. I want to learn about the events in our past that have shaped the world we live in today, and the words of beauty and majesty that have somehow transcended time itself to find themselves now before me (or I before them). I want to dig into life, and love, and knowledge. I want to learn.

Sorry, that was a bit ranty. I should probably go to bed now, as I have to wake up early tomorrow. Anyway, goodnight.



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