The Pit…

(First, apologies for the lacking of posting. It was a strange weekend, with theatre, and much lack of both time, and wi-fi. Now, I present, a blog post.)

So, today was an awfully bittersweet day. I realized today that I am done with Pit Band for the rest of High School. I helped clean the pit from the theatre that we rent out, and I just remembered all of my different experiences with it. I remember playing guitar the spring of my sophomore year for the show “Through the Looking Glass” (which was an adaptation of the Alice in Wonderland story). I then remember coming to my current school, and then essentially learning how to play the bass guitar for the the pit for “Little Shop of Horrors.”

I then thought how much I would actually miss the pit. Although I never spent too much time with my pit band family, and I was still sort of awkward, pit band (at my current school) is still one of the first times I have felt the most belonging to a certain place, and especially one of the first times when I felt I belonged at this new school. Looking back at it, that show was probably one of the most fun times I have ever had in a musical, and was one of the first times I really got involved in Theatre. I still have many friends that I made from being a part of that first show, and the memories of last year, and climbing the secret staircase up to the pit will always be something I treasure deep in my heart.

So now, having cleaned up after doing “The King and I,” I decided to do something overly-symbolic. I realized one thing: there are two pairs of stairs leading up to the pit. For “Little Shop,” I always took the Stage Left stairs, and for “The King and I,” I always took the Stage Right Stairs (simply because of where I was in the pit for both shows).

My overly symbolic gesture was to rise through the pit from the Stage Right stairs, cross the newly empty pit, say one last goodbye to the place where so many closely regarded memories were made, and exit, one last time, from the stairs which I took to come into the pit for the first time: the Stage Left stairs. I felt myself saying goodbye, and wanting to apologize, to the pit. But I simply whispered my goodbyes, and thanked it. Then I ent back down the secret stairs, from the place that helped build my new-found home.

This overly symbolic gesture was one of many this weekend, among a mass celebrated among all of the theatre company and many parents, a special Senior Ceremony (for all of the seniors in theare for whom this was their last musical), and a Senior Rose Ceremony (in which each senior is given a rose to give to their parents on the night of the last show. My parents were not there, but since the entire cast, crew, and pit for the sow was standing on that stage, I decided to give my rose to my girlfriend, who was also Anna, the lead in the show. There was much “awwww”-ing). But through all of the symbolic gestures, nothing meant quite as much as those final steps, by myself, down the place that had finally made this school a home for me. So, for the last time, thank you, Pit.

Alright, that was very emotional. Goodnight, everyone. Peace!…



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