Late Night Rehearsals

So, it’s the first night of what is fondly regarded as “Hell Week” by the theatre community at my school. It was a decent first night, to say that.

So, Hell Week is essentially the week before the first show. Our first performance is on Saturday, and today was the first rehearsal at the actual theatre where we host the shows, because the school’s on-campus theatre is still being built. So, there’s that.

Yeah, we go off campus to our theatre, and then rehearse there the week before. What can I say about it? Well, we rehearsed today, although it was partially rough. We went until later than we originally intended to, but I think that’s sort of okay. We rehearsed today, and I sort of felt the magic. The show is not together yet, but that’s what this week is for. Only through surviving hell do we get the honor to be able to put on the performances for our show. So we’ll go through hell, and do our best. We’ll give our best, and do it together, as a family. I may not be an actor, and play only the role of the bassist playing in the pit orchestra, but that’s fine. I still feel a member of the family.

So, yeah, it’s hell, but that’s kind of expected by now. I need sleep, of course, but it’s nice to think I don’t. Let’s see how this all works out. Peace!…


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