New Understanding

Today I practiced a song. But, it was a completely different experience of practicing that song. I’ve practiced this song countless times before, and none of the other times have ever been all that special. But this time was different.

Allow me to explain. This song is Miles Davis’ All Blues, from the album “Kind of Blue.” We played it last year in the Advanced Jazz Ensemble, and that was really what introduced me to this song. I’ve played guitar, trumpet, and bass on this song before, but this time practicing it was completely different in that I analyzed what I was playing for one of the first times ever. I payed attention to all of the different parts. I noticed the notes making up chords, or voicings, I took into account every part that can be played for that song, including the melody, the bass line, the vamp played by the horns, and then the piano. I learned all of the parts today, all on guitar, and I focused on how they worked together. I payed attention to the music.

I did all of this especially keeping in mind scale ideas, and how solos fit into the equation. And when everything else fit into the equation, I began studying solos on the original recording. I then started doing research on alternate scales used for this song, and then began to play. I began to play all of the parts, and the worked on solos. I feel like I completely learned the song, and what it meant. The challenge then was to solo in a meaningful way on it. I’m still working on that, but for the first time in a long time, I feel fulfilled. I guess I just really miss playing guitar in Jazz. Well, anyways, that’s really it.



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